Why American Dogs are More Aggressive Than European Dogs

I have read some very interesting articles that compare European children and American children and the comparisons are startling.

Did you know that Norwegian and Danish parents often leave their infants outside, sometimes in temperatures of -4 F for up to 3 hours to nap?  https://www.fatherly.com/health-science/why-norwegian-babies-sleep-outside/

Apparently, research (University of Oulu Finland) shows that frigid napping can help daytime sleeping and increases the duration of sleep!

Children in other European countries are also taught to speak in quiet voices so that they don’t disturb others in nearby areas. This way, several groups of people can have conversations without bothering one another.

I love this idea, because I often grow tired of the extreme volume of Americans trying to talk over one another in order to have conversations.

I got to thinking about it…

The Difference Between European and American Dogs is Also Staggering.

In Europe

Dogs are accepted and welcomed everywhere.Dog Aggression, dog aggression training

Dogs are seen in bakeries, at restaurants, and are pretty much taken everywhere their owners go!

In America

Dogs are usually only seen walking in neighborhoods and, occasionally, at the ball field.

Many dogs are rarely even taken out of the house at all!

In Europe

Children and adults are expected to ignore dogs and puppies!

Puppies and dogs can wander without being constantly grabbed or interacted with; they are given space.

In America

Children and adults get up into the face of any cute dog or puppy they come across.

This behavior can be shocking and distasteful to dogs and puppies.

Imagine being touched, hugged or patted everywhere you go… I personally wouldn’t like it, either.

It can also create bad behaviors like jumping up and not respecting people’s space!

In Europe

Most of the time, dogs wander off leash and altercations are few and far between.

Aggressive dogs (and unfortunately certain breeds) are forced to wear muzzles when out in public.

In America

Dog parks that promote dog aggression are on almost every corner.Dog Aggression, dog aggression training

People create leash reactivity by rarely taking their dogs out for walks and not teaching their dogs how to walk on leash!

The Big Difference?

Europeans begin early by taking their dogs with them everywhere!

Their dogs are well socialized with other dogs and people!

These dogs learn manners early on in life and they learn to communicate with unknown dogs in a positive way.

American dogs are more often left at home, never taken anywhere, and therefore lose out on that positive socialization.

They are also not actively taught manners.

The average American may take one puppy obedience class and then consider that their dog is trained

Later in the dog’s life, Americans realize their dog is out of control, has no social skills, and has developed aggression.

And, either they take them out anyway and allow them to wreak havoc throughout the neighborhood or at the dog park….

or they just continue to leave them at home.

Dogs Need

Dogs and puppies need quiet and calm socialization!

They also need their space!

They need time.

They need training.

They need manners.

If you rarely spend time with your dog teaching him what is appropriate and how to treat people and situations, chances are he will suffer from bad behavior!


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